Silk Foil

объемное тиснение без клише

A unique Italian technology that has no analogues in Ukraine. Due to Silk Foil it has become possible to make an embossing not only on cardboard and paper, but also on a plate and sheet materials. Usage of this technology can be quite widespread: to decorate souvenirs, to be applied on labels, business cards, packaging, tags, ribbons and even wood. High relief that is created with this printing is quite sensible upon tactile contact and a glitter of the foil attracts attention as well. Now you can forget about making expensive clichés, because thanks to Silk Foil even the most delicate line drawing will look great.
Before Silk Foil was almost completely unknown in Ukraine, and the manufacture of products using this technology had to be ordered abroad. Using Silk Foil in the design of the product is beneficial to make your company stand out from the competitors and thus attract the customer’s attention, and the emerging of such technology in Ukraine, in the face of our printing works, significantly reduces its cost for you.