UV printing


This type of printing is used on almost any sheet materials: paper, cardboard, self-adhesive film, non-absorbent materials, plastic, laminated surfaces, wood or leather.
Advantages of this printing:
– Increased printing speed due to the fact that the paint does not dry out during printing. This factor influences the quality and color rendition, as well as the printing speed.
– Fast drying. After printing, UV inks are run through a special UV drying, which in just a few seconds causes the hardening of the image. This factor is important in the case where more than one dyeis applied to the material, whereby after the printing of the first layer the following printing can be started immediately, in case an order must be rushed.
– Environmentally friendly. UV inks are rather harmless to the environment since the ink composition does not include volatile solvents, which pollute the air with hazardous vapors.