Special varnish printing


Our printing works performs printing of the following types of varnishes: tactile, glitter, irioid and blister varnishes.
Irioid varnishes are transparent varnishes, which are composed of special substances – iriodines. The varnish has a beautiful pearlescent sheen. It is used as a very reliable technique for giving the printed product a reserved and noble look. Iriodines have different shades: pearl white, pearl gold, with different colored tides – red, blue, green and others.
Glitter varnish is a clear glossy screen printing UV varnish, which has glitter particles imposed in it – small shiny scales of golden or other colors. Often used in the manufacture of cards, glamourously highlighting the small elements in the plot. It gives conviviality and elegance to the product. Glitter may come in different factions and colors: gold, silver, holographic, “acid”, iris.
Volume varnish is a glossy varnish, that has a high viscosity, which gives a possibility for creating the appearance of a volume application. Items printed with this technology have a high relief, sensible upon tactile contact.
Blister varnishes are per se a hot-melt adhesive. Application of a blister varnish on a cardboard workpiece makes it possible to weld a transparent blister for packaging of piece goods. Usage example can be a soap multiple packaging, or packaging of razor blade refills.