About our company

Silk Way is a printing works that specializes in silk-screen printing, or serigraphy. Our company is a team of professionals with years of experience in the field of printing services. The main specialization of our printing works – UV printing materials, varnishes and paints on various sheet materials. Stably, several times a year, we introduce new technologies to our production to help our customers implement unique printing ideas.
Many customers, both Ukrainian and foreign, have already rated the quality of our printing services. Of course, a decisive role in the success of our company is played by human resources – we have gathered real professionals of highly qualified screen printing in our workforce. And thanks to the continuous improvement of process technologies, as well as the renewal of the equipment stock, our customers can be absolutely sure of a first-class fulfillment of their orders.

Some arguments in favor of cooperation with us:


Specialization of our printing works – UV screen printing materials, varnishes and paints on a variety of sheet materials. screen printing technology by its nature allows literally an unlimited selection of printing and print-receiving materials. In other words, screen printing has the ability to print with a condensed milk on a slate. But we will not go to such extremes and instead we offer old masters’ traditional quality in combination with the latest technology. Below you can read more about the technologies that we use.



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